I was born in Leamington, Ontario and have lived my entire life here and on a farm. Growing up I always loved horses, but didn’t own one until I won a pony in a raffle at a fair. The great part about winning Bimbo was that I actually got to keep him.

By the age of fifteen, I was competing at local youth horses shows in showmanship, western pleasure, barrel racing, and trail. My interest in trail led to winning the 1983 Canadian National Championship and a 1984 US National Top Ten Championship in Half Arabian Trail. I also developed an interest in dressage and reining.

After several years of competing as an amateur, I decided to get serious about coaching and in 1998, I became an Equine Canada Western Certified Coach I, being one of few certified coaches west of London. After undergoing a major expansion to my facility just outside of Leamington, SpEqTRA chose this site as their host facility and I began my certification to become an AI (assistant instructor) through the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association. I am now working towards my I (instructor) certification. I also have achieved all of the necessary prerequisites to take my exam as an Equine Canada Western Certified Coach II.

Along with coaching, I also run my equine facility, which has the capacity to hold 36 horses, offering boarding and training to a variety of horse breeds and disciplines. I am married and have two great kids, both boys.

SpEqTRA has brought a component to my life that is different than anything that I have ever experienced. The joy that is shared amongst clients, their families, and all of the wonderful volunteers that support the program is difficult to put into words. You really have to experience it to understand and I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with SpEqTRA and all those whose lives are touched by it.

I joined the SpEqTRA team as a volunteer in 2015.  After a few years of volunteering and my interest in the therapeutic program, the opportunity arose for me to become a certified BI.  I began the process and am committed to becoming an instructor with the support of SpEqTRA and my family.

It is no surprise that I am drawn to horses, as I have an interest in most animals, both rare and common and even some mythical.  I also have a small pet sitting business which allows me to meet a variety of furry and loveable creatures.

When I’m not teaching for SpEqTRA, I also work on the farm, allowing me more experience in the managing of an equine facility, which I also hope to do some day.  I love spending time with friends and family and enjoy swimming and paddle boarding and have a passion for art projects of all sizes from, small paintings to murals, and furniture.

I love working with SpEqTRA clients and look forward to doing it for years to come.